Family Law

Leza Driscoll is an experienced litigator practicing exclusively in family law and criminal defense. She is an experienced advocate and a worthy adversary to even the most aggressive opposing parties.

A Message from Leza Driscoll

When deciding to choose an attorney to represent you in a separation, divorce, child custody dispute, and/or an equitable distribution claim, it is important to choose a lawyer who knows the law, but more than just legal knowledge is required. This is your life and possibly that of your children. A complete understanding of the complications and pitfalls of divorce is indispensable.


I am an experienced litigator with a career spanning almost two decades but I am also a mother of teenagers. It is one thing to have experience in a courtroom but another to have the understanding that only life can teach. My experiences both professionally and personally have led to a passion to advocate for parents and families, to minimize the trauma, and to work to a just and proper resolution.


A family lawyer is more than a contract negotiator or trial advocate but also a guide through a painful journey. I will listen to you and together we will work through the process to find a just resolution. I have the experience to successfully take cases to trial but I also realize that the art of settlement is often in your best interest. Together as a team we will find the best solution for you.


I will strive to fight for you and your rights, never losing sight that you are the client and together as a team we will strive to achieve what is in your best interest. You will find my rates and fees are very reasonable. I charge $175 for an initial consultation. Early legal representation is extremely important to protect your assets and rights.

Leza Driscoll is experienced in family law matters including:

  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody Dispute
  • Equitable Distribution Claim


”Hands down….best attorney I have had. Her knowledge of the law, attention to detail, and very thorough preparation prove her to be very effective in negotiating and/or litigating for her client. The combination of dedication, compassion, honesty, and common sense set her in a category of her own. Her fees are beyond reasonable for the representation you receive. Leza promises nothing but her thorough preparation, and that you definitely get!”

— Family client, reviews of Leza Lee Driscoll on Avvo